Lent Reading Suggestions

10-20-30 Go!'s Lenten Family Six Week Challenge - Additional Reading List



Books for Children

Word Book Title Book Author Purchase Book
Renew Casey Brand New Janis Lord Amazon Link
Child's Guide to Reconciliation Elizabeth Ficocelli Amazon Link
Fasting Me, Watch TV?: Can you imagine a day without watching TV? Michael Hickman Amazon Link
The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Junk Food Stan and Jan Berenstain Amazon Link
The Berenstain Bears and Too Much TV Stan and Jan Berenstain Amazon Link
Almsgiving Have You Filled a Bucket Today? Carol McCloud Amazon Link
The Girl Whose Heart Was Too Big Natalie Carlisle Amazon Link
Because of You B.G. Hennessy Amazon Link
Ordinary Mary's Extraordinary Deed Emily Pearson Amazon Link
The Berenstain Bears Think of Those in Need Stan and Jan Berenstain Amazon Link
Prayer Prayers for Each and Everyday Sophie Piper Amazon Link
Every Which Way to Pray Joyce Meyer Amazon Link
What Happens When I Talk to God?: The Power of Prayer for Boys and Girls Stormie Omartian Amazon Link
The Prayer that Makes God Smile Stormie Omartian Amazon Link
The Lord's Prayer Rick Warren Amazon Link
This Little Prayer of Mine Anthony DeStefano Amazon Link
Passion Child's Guide to the Stations of the Cross Sue Stanton Amazon Link
The Day Jesus Died JBryan Davis Amazon Link
Resurrection He's Risen! He's Alive! The story of Christ's Resurrection Joanne Bader Amazon Link
The Very First Easter Paul L. Maier Amazon Link
Miracle in the Morning Mary E. Erickson Amazon Link
Holy Week: Passion/Resurrection The Week that Led to Easter Loanne Larrison Amazon Link
On that Easter Morning Mary Joslin Amazon Link
The Story of the Cross Gail Newey Amazon Link
God Gave Us Easter Lisa Tawn Bergren Amazon Link


Books for Teens and Adults



Word Book Title Book Author Purchase Book
Renew Spiritual Renewal Lorri Reed Amazon Link
The Believers Daily Renewal Andrew Murray Amazon Link
Fasting Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough: A Guide to Nine Biblical Fasts Elmer L. Towns Amazon Link
A Hunger for God John Piper Amazon Link
Almsgiving Chicken Soup for the Volunteer's Soul Jack Canfield Amazon Link
Chicken Soup for the Soul: Stories for a Better World Jack Canfield Amazon Link
Prayer When Teens Pray Cheri Fuller Amazon Link
Power Through Prayer E.M. Bounds Amazon Link
Passion Christ's Passion: The Way of the Cross- A Guide to Understanding Your Path Mary Beth Young Amazon Link
Everyone's Way of the Cross Clarence Enzler Amazon Link
Resurrection Rising in Christ: Meditations of Living the Resurrection by Pope John Paul II Jo Garcia-Cobb Amazon Link
Living Easter Through the Year John Pritchard Amazon Link





Word Prayer
Renew God, heavenly Father, Look upon me and hear my prayer during this holy Season of Lent. By the good works You inspire, help me to discipline my body and to be renewed in spirit.
Fasting Father, I open my heart today to see You more clearly and to love You more dearly during this time of prayer and fasting.
Almsgiving Father, Allow me to serve others with a joyful heart; Never keeping score; Always giving; Never expecting to receive. Allow me to give of myself, to give of my talents and of my goods, to give of my time and of my energy, to give of my heart and of my soul. Help me understand the needs of others, never criticizing, never demeaning, never scolding, never condemning. You have been so gracious to me, always loving, always forgiving, always restoring; Never gloating over my defeats, even when I have been so wrong. Father, keep a condemning spirit far from my heart and further from my lips. Allow me to serve others as You serve, with gentleness, compassion, and tenderness, never diminishing the worth of another, choosing to extend mercy to the brokenhearted, like You have repeatedly shown it to me. -Jack Watts
Prayer Glory belongs to God, whose power, working in us can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine.
Passion Jesus Christ, may your death be my life, and in your dying may I learn how to live. May your struggles be my rest, Your human weakness my courage, Your embarrassment my honor, Your passion my delight, Your sadness my joy, in your humiliation may I be exalted. In a word, may I find all my blessings in your trials. Amen. -Blessed Peter Faber
Resurrection Glory and praise to you, Risen Savior, for you bring light to our darkness, joy to our sorrow, and the fullness of love to our reluctant hearts.


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