Success stories from families that have used the 10-20-30GO! system


“We have had no difficulty merging the system into our very busy lives, and it has even streamlined our full evenings into something more manageable! If you have been struggling to get the kids to be responsible without reminders, or if you just want to institute something in your home that really works, 10-20-30GO! is an affordable system worth every cent! I intend to continue restocking our accountability cards each year.

The 10-20-30GO! system is already an all-around blessing to our home. The kids are learning spiritual disciplines, virtues and memorizing scripture on a daily basis. Our faith and spiritual beliefs are a large part of our lives, and we want to instill into our children the values that we hold dearly. It is my hope that they can internalize a strong, moral compass to help keep them true to their faith, and even help them avoid some of the mistakes we ourselves have made. There is refrigerator prayer chart, keeping the requests our family is praying for at the forefront of our minds.”

"10-20-30GO! has been a blessing for our family. We have been using the product since its inception and it has brought so many great things to our family. We have a way to track their progress. The prayer board makes my kids realize that there are a lot of people who need our 

prayers. The kids are now held accountable for their actions. We have a great way to discuss prayer and how they can incorporate faith and scripture into their daily lives. I could talk for hours about it...thank you Bo and Stacy!"

Mike and Laura Curran

Overland Park, KS


"We have five children—three boys ages 14, 12, and 10, and two girls ages 7 and 4. They had not been responsible for working around the house except for the occasional family cleaning day, so they did not make their beds, clean their rooms, or bring down their laundry (just to name a few chores they did not do). We held a family meeting after dinner one Sunday night to introduce the 10-20-30GO! system, answer their questions and get started. The very next morning everyone except the four-year-old made their bed with excitement, and carried down their laundry basket. It was amazing. All four of them were all over it AND they were proactive about it. We are now 5 weeks into the system and making beds, bringing down laundry, and finishing their 30 minutes of chores is a habit for everyone except the 14-year-old.

Prior to our using the 10-20-30GO!, the kids would come home from school, get a snack, play, eat dinner, do homework, and watch some TV or play games. Never do I remember seeing them grab a book and read for enjoyment. Once we began the system, everything changed. Now every day, usually right after dinner, the kids will grab books and read. It is amazing to watch the transformation of your children. Typically we pray before meals and have a time for Family Rosary twice a week. About a week after we began 10-20-30GO!, I was looking for my 12-year-old son. I checked in the basement, the office, and the kitchen, but could not find him anywhere. I walked up the stairs and looked in his room to find him on his knees with his head bowed, elbows resting on the bed with his hands folded pointing up and his Bible open in front of him. This was the first time in my life I had ever seen one of the children quietly praying by themselves. It was a sight I will never forget!"


Matt and Mary Ann Knopke
Leawood, KS


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