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Parenting is considered one of the toughest jobs. Single parents will often echo this remark and say that doing it alone can amplify the tough parts; however, having a plan or system can help. Ever hear the phrase “You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with”? Outside of your kids, the same goes for single parents. Working, and socializing are all parts of a day, however, choosing who you’re spending time around when it’s not your kids is important. Hopefully the 5 most frequent people you’re spending time around share similar values as you do, similar goals, or may even represent a type of balanced life you feel would be healthy to strive towards. Having trusted circles around you, such as family and friends, provides the opportunity for adult friendships and relationships.

The in-home life of a single parent can get overwhelming.  That is why exercising, socializing, or balancing your life with a hobby can help. Grounding yourself with your faith can provide not only mental clarity, but help dissipate restlessness or emotional struggles. Church can be an essential part to one’s life path. Being confident in your own direction means that you can help share your confidence, positivity and future ambitions with your children. Single parents who reflect on raising kids often site that they saw success in parenting when they viewed their own life as successful, or were proud of their own life. Being proud of your own life might mean that you are proud of a job, proud of being able to run a 5k or feeling a sense of self-worth because you volunteer, or you have adult friendships with peers or coworkers. Free time might be a rarity, but studies have shown that single parents often cite spending free time with others is more important that spending free time in front of TV.

The person that you truly are will affect the kind of parenting you will present to your kids. Making time for your kids is of utmost importance, but being fully present is the key. This means unplugging from the TV, phone or social media while you’re with your kids.

Attitude can be the key to your outlook, your mental health, your level of courage, confidence and overall success with your children. Attitude is an overarching category, and for single parents, here are a few points to focus on:

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