Proven Parenting System


What is the Proven Parenting Program?


We have hundreds and hundreds of parents vouch and verify that 10-20-30GO! indeed was a solution for their home. Not only do these families serve as testimonials for the system, but they have also helped us tweak the program by letting us know what works, as well as provide feedback to help us make the program even better since it first rolled out.

Proven means that 10-20-30GO! parents are able to answer the question “How can I be a Christian parent?” as well as raise kids with greater accountability.

Proven means that we have tried it ourselves, that we’re currently using it and that it works in our home.

Proven means that our customers continue to recommend us to their friends and rave that 10-20-30GO! has served as a parenting tool for teaching values, motivating kids and determining an allowance for children.

Proven means that we provide parenting tips, parenting articles, and share success stories from other families.

Proven means that parents just like you have seen transformations in their children, such as a welcomed decrease in defiance.  10-20-30GO! has also been proven successful with children dealing with ADHD and for those with special needs.  10-20-30GO! uses the PICNIC parenting program that helps reduce parents from becoming known as the “bad guy.”

Proven means that parents see obvious differences in the family’s habits, such as watching the kids chore chart help develop accountability and responsibility.

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