Positive Parenting


Being a parent is not a daily choice, however being a positive parent is a daily decision. Positive parenting at its essence goes beyond the basics of parenting and focuses on improving our own self so we can be the best positive parent we can be.


Positive parenting begins with attitude. If having a positive attitude is a struggle, you may want to uncover these underlying reasons to help remove the barrier to achieving positive parenting. Paying close attention to your own emotional, mental and physical will assist you in being a positive parent.

Positive parenting is an intentional effort which will be different depending on the age of your children, but often include:

Trying to implement positive parenting might come more natural to some than others. This may be a directly related to our own experience with our parents (either we want to duplicate or do the opposite of the experience we had growing up). Parenting tools, such as 10-20-30GO! can assist with consistent parenting, especially raising responsible kids, or teaching values. If you want your son or daughter or family to reap the benefits of positive parenting, start using 10-20-30-GO! with your family today. 

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