Parent Support Group



One of the greatest strengths to 10-20-30GO! is that it is more than just chore charts. We provide an online community designed to provide a parent support group. Our 10-20-30GO! forum is accessible only to 10-20-30GO! customers. This helps to make sure the groups are made up of other parents who most likely have similar goals as you do. Common parenting support topics range from parenting tips, to sharing what’s working for some families, to words of encouragement. Single parents get tips from other single parents, and parents can browse current topics relevant to their life or family. Join in the discussions, ask questions, or contribute to questions such as: How can I get my kids to read? How can I implement a responsibility chart? How do I raise good kids? How can I get the other parent on board with 10-20-30GO!?

If having access to a parent support group 24/7 is important to you, join the 10-20-30GO! family today!

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