Our Story

We have been blessed with six children.  And as every parent knows, those blessings mean a lot of laundry, dishes and messes! But you also know that it doesn't stop there. There are endless emails, homework projects, carpools and extracurricular activities. We noticed that our responsibilities grew right along with the size of our family.  We were overwhelmed with trying to keep up with housework and homework, and instilling Christian values at the same time.


And although housework and homework are extremely important, we firmly believed that the spiritual aspect of raising children should not be an afterthought.  And we continue to realize that it can easily be at the bottom of the list if you don't consciously make it a priority every day.

So we needed a system and one that didn't require a lot of maintenance. We didn't want to fight with the kids over chores or hear their sighs every time we asked them to do something around the house. We wanted them to take responsibility for their homework and education. We also wanted to give more attention to nurturing their faith and prayer lives—a daily opportunity to talk to them about their prayers and conversations with God. We needed a system that guided our children and allowed them to be active, responsible participants in maintaining our household, their schoolwork and their faith.

10-20-30GO! was the system we were praying for. The idea for this system came to Bo in his quiet time and evolved over several months. 10-20-30GO! has helped us accomplish everything we hoped for. The focus started out on chores and helping around the house, but we ultimately ended up with a system that has given our family more gifts and benefits than we ever could have imagined. The 10-20-30GO! system opened the lines of communication with our children about our faith and has nurtured their relationship with God. It has also initiated some awesome conversations about right and wrong, principles and virtues. We're not saying that our house is now perfectly organized and "runs like a machine," or that our children are perfect little angels. But we are saying that we have developed a system for keeping up with the day-to-day responsibilities of life, and for reflecting on our family's faith and how it works in our lives every day.

We pray that you have the same results!

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