Motivating Kids


Luckily, children are born with the inherent drive to learn, which can be directly used as leverage for motivation. Finding activities your child genuinely is interested can lead to self-motivated to learn.

Discovering you son or daughters passions can be a key to the success at motivating kids. The power of options (that you choose) “would you like to help walk the dog or unload the dishwasher?” can help in keeping open the opportunity for encouragement. 

One of the core differences between successes at motivating kids is whether or not you are trying to get kids to do something they want vs what you want them to do. If children are adverse to what you want them to do, it puts a parent an even more difficult situation which can test one’s own patience.

Uncovering a child’s desire is one of the crucial steps in motivating your son or daughter. Children, at least at an early age, genuinely want to please their parents, although this motivation can erode sooner than we would all like. Sometimes a child’s desire comes from the desire for an opportunity, or the desire to be loved, or the desire for attention. Successfully rewarding behavior can be directly correlated to understanding your child’s temperament. Understanding desire and rewarding a child’s action can be a learning process, but once a successful cycle is achieved (success in motivating your child), habit and consistency are the vital steps parents need to take in order to reproduce the successful motivation. Consistency includes consistency among each parent.  Repeating this successful cycle can be disguised by just encouraging kids to do what they want to do, especially when the choices provide to the child happen to also be what the parent in their mind has already preapproved.

102030GO’s proven chore chart is a parenting program tool that helps parents motivate their kids through using the PICNIC system. The 102030GO responsibility chart not only helps build responsibility for kids, but it can be the key to consistently motivating kids. Start consistently motivating your kids today.

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