Kids Chore Charts

Teaching kids accountability is one of the most important, but often most challenging, endeavor for parents. Kids between the ages of 2 to 4 will most likely challenge their parents or fit some related definition to the word “challenging.” With 10-20-30GO!, the kids chore chart helps harness the energy of children and channel their innate desire to please their parents through a self-managed kids reward system. We provide parents with plenty of brainstorming tools for age appropriate chores, as well as allow parents to track their own unique responsibilities for their children. The result is motivated kids with a proven parenting program.

A responsibility chart can help a family with one child or a family that can fill a cargo van full of kids, manage what needs to get done and track progress between individual family members. When paired with the Christian fundamentals of 10-20-30GO!, the end result is a family that truly functions faithfully.

Not all chore charts are created equal. Not all kids reward charts are proven from time-tested Christian parents. Increase the accountability and responsibility of your kids and get started today with 10-20-30GO!

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