How To Parent


Many parents share a similar core of goals they hope for their children. Usually happiness is at the top.  Many children feel happy when they can have functioning relationships that include friendship, love, self-esteem and confidence. These initial relationships children have with their parents can have a significant impact on how they make decisions for the rest of their lives, including the types of spouses they might pick. Communication is one of the core tools that is learned from parents and can heavily affect a child’s success and future relationships.

One of the first mindsets to remind ourselves of as parents is that being a parent is truly a blessing and a journey. For the last 200 years, parents have typically raised children in their home for the first quarter of their lives (which a few generations ago, was roughly the age of 18, but now is closer to 24).

Chronologically, parents are the first people who the child sees and learns from. These building blocks of knowledge, mimicking and communication form levels of trust. At this point, the stage is set for the opportunity to parent, which is not a passive role, but an engaging intentional active commissioning. Just like fitness, there is never a bad time to consider focusing on great parenting.

Parents set the tone for the home and the family. Positive or negative, full of conversation or quiet, loving or the absence of love, children are influenced by the home product we personally manufacture. Demonstrating unconditional love, discipline, limits, consequences, consistency, rewards and lessons are at the heart of experienced successful parents. Being flexible and able to perform a parenting pivot will be needed when your son or daughter begins to be influenced by others outside your home whose morals and values don’t align with your own…so you will need to prepared to adjust and provide reasons for why you do things your way in your home.

Be aware that your child’s needs are an ongoing task. Children might have unique nutritional requirements, difficulty with math, glasses or even low self-esteem. Staying connected to other parents is one way to learn from their successes or mistakes. 10-20-30GO! provides customers an online parenting forum which allows you to ask questions and learn from other parents. Parents should not compare another family to their own from the outside, and feel that the neighbors must have a better relationship with their children, because at a distance, we may not be seeing the whole picture. Instead, observing and adopting great parenting techniques is part of the way we develop our own parenting style.

If parenting to the best of your abilities, learning parenting tips, motivating your kids or raising responsible children is important to you, get started today with 10-20-30-GO!

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