Functioning Family

Television, movies and the media seem to do a great job portraying the dysfunctional family or misleading people to think that there is no such thing as a normal family anymore. The concept of “anything goes” is indeed a strategy one family could take, but 10-20-30GO! families believe in families functioning faithfully. A functioning family has an incredible impact on its members, which include parents when they go to work and kids when they go to school. A functioning family can be the difference of a family vacation everyone looks forward to or dreads. The first part of getting a family to function is to realize that the family is made up of individual parts, all of which are required to function at a high level of efficiency through effort. A functioning family is made up of the presence and the absence of certain things.

For starters, here are a few examples.

Overall, awareness of the importance of one’s role within the family, awareness of the family’s goals and one’s own effort can make tremendous headway towards success as a functioning family. Consistency, strategy and accountability are important family guard rails in either starting or maintaining a functioning family. 10-20-30GO! provides this structure and can get your family on the path or page you desire.  Get started today, and see the positive difference in your family.

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