Family Values

Family values are unique to each family, but represent your own individual beliefs. Sometimes these beliefs incorporate other beliefs passed down to us from the families we come from, the cultures we are a part of or include political or religious influences. As we raise our children, how we deposit these values in our kids will vary family to family. Some families even post the families values in their home (for example, the photo included is our family values for the Govea household). For purposes directly related to our 10-20-30GO! Christian parenting program, we will explore family values as deposited by our Christian faith and God.

Christian family values, since they are Christian in nature, come from the Bible itself. As educated and well-spoken as a politician or professor can be, the Bible provides an abundance of resources for where Christian family values can be found. A child will be limited to learning Christian values early if his or her parents do not have a strong background in faith. Even for the strongest of Christian educated families, 10-20-30GO! will provide weekly vocabulary themes that cover Christian family values and virtues as well as opportunities for parents to talk with their kids about the application of these values. “GO! Challenges” present actionable opportunities for kids to demonstrate their understanding of these values, and over time, many of these actions will turn into habits. Instilling Christian values requires good role model behavior which includes generosity, forgiveness, respect and responsibility. If you’re looking for ways to teach family values in your home, 10-20-30GO! is an auto-pilot parenting program that will help you introduce new concepts to your children. Get started today!

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